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The Specifications of a Caterpillar offers pump

  • Caterpillar machines and products employ hydraulic systems for brakes and several other operations. Motors run the hydraulic systems to turn hydraulic flow and pressure into rotation and torque. The company's equipment line features more than 300 machines for heavy industrial construction, grading and other uses. Caterpillar manufactures and sells several sizes of gear-type, vane-type and piston-type pumps and motors. Hydraulic Motor , Hydraulic Motors , Hydraulic Winch , Planetary Gearbox

    613 Wheel Tractor-Scraper

  • The Caterpillar 613G is a Wheel Tractor-Scraper equipped with all-hydraulic brakes and other operations. At 37,229 lbs., its powered by a Cat C6.6 ATAAC engine and is used for clearing, cutting, filling and finishing grade earthwork. The machine's hydraulic specifications are a 101.6-mm bowl cylinder bore, a 419-mm bowl cylinder stroke, a 130-mm floor cylinder bore, a 624.8-mm floor cylinder stroke, an 88.9-mm ejector cylinder bore and a 914.4 ejector cylinder stroke. The steering circuit is 96 L/min, scraper circuit is 323 L/min, supplemental steering circuit is 16 L/min, and the relief valve is 2,756 psi. The relief valve, implement circuit, is 2,502 psi, and the compressor settings, elevator circuit, is 2,498.3 psi. The Caterpillar 613G's hydraulics control primary, secondary and tertiary braking without the need for an air system, according to the company.

    TH260B Telehandler

  • The Caterpillar TH260B Telehandler uses a hydraulic quick coupler, "allowing the operator to quickly and easily change work tools without leaving the cab," according to Cat. The Cat Electro Hydraulic system allows three boom functions to operate simultaneously, for precise load placement in any condition. The continuous flow auxiliary hydraulic supply operates tools such as the pickup broom. Other Telehandler tools include pallet and block forks, a truss boom, a lift hook, a general purpose bucket and a material handling arm. The hydraulic system's maximum system pressure is 250 bar. Maximum pump flow is 113 L/min. The pump is variable displacement load sensing and is an axial piston pump.


  • Caterpillar offers pump and motor service from technicians trained in the systems and Caterpillar Parts Reuse Guidelines, offering repair options, a commitment to contamination control and performance testing, according to the company. The company reseals, rebuilds, repairs or replaces gear, vane and piston pumps and motors.

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