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Rephasing Type Hydraulic Cylinders

Rephasing cylinders are two or more cylinders plumbed in series or parallel, with the bores and rods sized such that all rods extend and/or retract equally when flow is directed to the first, or last, cylinder within the system.Hydraulic Motor , Hydraulic Motors , Hydraulic Winch

In "parallel" applications, the bore and rod sizes are always the same, and the cylinders are always used in pairs. The schematic shown on this page is for a "parallel" re-phasing cylinder application. Such circuits are typically used for the steering function on machines.

In "series" applications, the bore and rod sizes are typically different, and two or more cylinders may be used. In these applications, the bores and rods are sized such that all rods extend or retract equally when flow is applied to the first or last cylinder within the system.

This hydraulic synchronization of rod positions eliminates the need for a flow divider in the hydraulic system, or any type of mechanical connection between the cylinder rods to achieve synchronization. All double-acting Energy® cylinders can be modified to take advantage of these rephasing design benefits.

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