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New Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensing Technology

In a joint article published in the September 2009 issue of Hydraulics and Pneumatics Magazine, Energy Manufacturing and Rota Engineeing, Ltd. have announced a new hydraulic cylinder position sensing technology.Hydraulic Motor , Hydraulic Motors , Hydraulic Winch

This technology eliminates the need for a hollow cylinder rod. Instead, an external sensing ¡°bar¡± utilizing Hall-Effect technology senses the position of the hydraulic cylinder¡¯s piston. This is accomplished by the placement of a permanent magnet within the piston. The magnet propagates a magnetic field through the steel wall of the hydraulic cylinder, providing a locating signal to the sensor.

There are several advantages to this approach:

Typically, lower overall cost (i.e., no need to gun-drill cylinder rod)
Full rod buckling strength is maintained
The cylinder is easier to assemble, install, and service
A wide variety of sensor inputs and outputs are available
The permanent magnet in the piston should never need to be replaced
The external sensor is readily accessible and easy to replace, if necessary
If the sensing bar is replaced, re-calibration is not necessary
The sensing bar is small, and its location along the outside of the hydraulic cylinder wall minimizes the potential for environmental damage
Positioning accuracy is +/- .5mm or better; more than adequate for most mobile equipment
There are no cables or wires used, and hence no concerns regarding stretching or breakage due to ice, plant limbs, or other environmental obstructions
Should machine power be lost and then recovered, the sensor will send the current position
OEM¡¯s can prepare hydraulic cylinders with magnets so end users can add sensing at a later time, if so desired

For additional information regarding this technology, please use the link below to view the article on the Hydraulics & Pneumatics website:

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