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How to Reverse a Hydraulic Motor

including potato harvesters, lawn seeders, conveyors and many more. You only need to run two hoses to the motor for it to operate. A good example of this is the salt spreader on the back of a snow plow. The Hydraulic Motor turns the spreader as the salt falls from the truck bed. There are different ways to reverse a hydraulic motor.Hydraulic Winch , Planetary Gearbox
  • Reverse the position on the control lever on the hydraulic control valve that activates the motor, if the valve has dual positions. Reversing the position will reverse the motor's direction. If the hydraulic control valve is not a dual position valve, and contains only an on or off position, proceed to the next step.

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    Locate the hydraulic pressure line from the hydraulic control valve or pump and label it with a permanent marker. Make a corresponding mark on the hydraulic motor indicating where the pressure line is connected. Label the other hydraulic line coming out of the motor as the return line. Inspect the two lines that go into the hydraulic motor to determine that the two lines are of equal sizes.

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    Shut the power source off that runs the hydraulic pump. For example, if the hydraulic pump that drives the motor is on a truck, turn the truck off. Wait a few minutes for the hydraulic oil to drain from the hydraulic lines from the motor. Use a wrench and loosen and remove both lines from the motor. Use a shop towel to clean up any spilled hydraulic fluid.

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    Reconnect the two hydraulic lines to the hydraulic motor. This time swap the lines going into the hydraulic motor. The power line will now connect the threaded outlet of the hydraulic motor, where the return line was previously connected. The return line should be connected to the threaded outlet on the motor where the power line was previously connected.

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