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How Hydraulic Motors Work

    Hydraulic Pumps

  1. Hydraulic Motor  are driven by hydraulic pumps, which provide pressurized oil to create motion. Usually, the pump is driven by a gas or diesel engine. The simplest hydraulic pump is the gear pump. Two meshed gears rotate in a box, pushing oil in front of them. The oil is pushed from an inlet valve into an outlet valve. There are also pumps that use rotating screws or turning vanes to push oil. The oil then flows through tubes into the hydraulic motors, and back into the pump. Hydraulic Winch , Planetary Gearbox

    Hydraulic Cylinders

  2. The hydraulic cylinder is one of the simplest types of hydraulic motors. Oil flows into a sealed cylinder, pushing a piston out. That piston is often spring-loaded so that, when the oil flows out, it springs back down. The piston can be attached to various devices to control them. For example, hydraulic cylinders control the shovels in bulldozers and dump trucks, and the lift arms and compactors in garbage trucks.

    Rotating Piston Drives

  3. Hydraulic cylinders can also be used to turn motors. The piston is attached to a rotating axle. First, oil flows into it, pushing it out and turning the axle. When it reaches its peak, the oil flows out of the outlet valve, the piston then retracts back into the cylinder, turning the axle the rest of the way around.

    Other Rotating Motors

  4. Sometimes, the oil is used directly to create rotation. These types of rotating motors work exactly the same way as hydraulic pumps, only in reverse. For example, in a gear motor, oil flows into a sealed box, pushes gears around in a circle, and flows out through another valve. Similarly, in a vane system, the oil pushes a rotating vane around in a circle.

    Combined Systems

  5. One of the main advantages of a hydraulic system is that it allows many different motors to be driven by a single pump. In a crane, for example, one hydraulic system raises and lowers a winch, controls the arm, rotates a turret and moves the individual tractor. Smaller hydraulic actuators can also be used to control large puppets, manipulating arms, legs, facial expressions and other body movements with hydraulic cylinders.
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